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I worked as a successful Accountant and Senior Manager in the Corporate Sector for over 30 years, I understand and have experienced life when profit margins and people are squeezed and the overwhelming pressure this brings. Having my own company, I am fully aware of the struggles of the business owner and the many hats we have to wear and how planning is imperative within Business.

I have successfully turned struggling Businesses with excessive losses into profit with continuous and sustainable growth, within 4 months turning a 140% Net Loss into a 40% Net Profit. My gift is Finances, give me any failing business and I can tell you where they’re going wrong and how to fix it.


The problem I have found with SME’s is the lack of knowledge around the Financials of their business and quite often they are running blind, they have no idea of outgoings and are oblivious to actual income and quite often are a ticking timebomb waiting to happen.

Often the companies grow quickly and have little or no structure with no form of planning in place and no current information. They will have Accountants they contact once a year and do not realise that they could have a simple structure with up to date information to make them more agile and assist with decision making.


I go beyond the Annual Accountancy practices in that I educate my clients to look beyond the boredom of financials and see areas for growth by developing knowledge in a simple and structured way.

I work together with my client to build a simple suite of reports including the three key reports required for a business to thrive and grow and be able to adapt under even the most extreme of circumstances, to ensure sustainable growth.

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